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Welcome Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Runners.

PR Medal Engravers is proud to offer you new and exciting ways to personalize
your finisher medal. It’s never to early or to late to think about getting your very
own personalized Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Medal engraving.
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 Welcome Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Runners.

Congratulations to all Monumental Marathon runners on a successful race.  Its not to late
to get your very own personalized medal engraving! You can now order ETAGS®,
our laser engraved tag which fits perfectly on the back of the medal and ships straight
to your door. Purchase yours now.

Commemorate you achievement with personalized engraving. Engrave directly on your medal for $20 or get a Etag that you stick on the back of your medal for $10.


1.) SHIP IT – Etags (engraved tags) engraves on a small tag. You simply peel the back and stick on your medal.


2.) ONSITE – Engrave your medal now while you wait.

Engraving your race medal is an awesome way to remember your accomplishments. Usually we engrave your first, last name and chip time. If you like to add a special message we can add that too. On site engraving costs $20.00 per medal.
PREORDER your engraving now and don’t wait in those long lines.


3.) MAIL IN OR VISIT OUR STORE – we engrave previous race medals
Mail us your medals from other races; 1 for $20.00, 2 for $30.00 (no extra shipping charges) or visit our store 1 for $15, 2 or more $10 each
EMAIL us if have any questions or would like additional information


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